Thursday, November 30, 2006

One Full Day at JAX Asia 2006

Today i attend the first annual JAX Asia 2006 event which was held on Borobudur Hotel, a nice and great hotel near National Monument and also Gambir Train Station. The conference was held successfully and i got lots of new information from this event, even though most of them are Java-related technology which is not my specialty, but it's still worthed since i got some information which i think it's important. It's too bad that i cannot met Kemas since i don't recognize him during the event (and probably so did he), but i managed to meet Farid Azis, a new Marketing Contact for Indonesia which has just elected few weeks ago.

The event was started by a keynote from ministry of Information and Technology, Mr. Sofyan Djalil. He talked about the new committee ICT which was just been constructed few weeks ago and also lots of other things. This was followed by some short introduction by the S&S Media CEO Masoud Kamali and VP Marketing & Sales Frank Stepan. Masoud also complained to the ministry about the Internet connection in Indonesia and he hope that the cost of Internet connection can be reduced while speed should be increased. This will help Indonesian people to work more productive, especially for IT industry. After this, the first session started. Craig Russell, from Sun Microsystem explains about an introduction to Java persistence concept, but there was some problems, because the projector couldn't display his screen. After being delayed for about 10 minutes, finally the first session started and going very well.

The second session was supposed to be Thilo Frotscher, but since Chuk-Munn Lee was trying to catch up a plane, their session was switched. Chuk-Munn Lee did present something new, which was scripting application on Java Platform and his demo was magnificent, but unfortunately, he spoke too fast and his pronunciation was not so good, so i think some of the attendee didn't quite understand of what he said. He also mentioned that the next JDK 6.0 will be released next month (December) which is a good news, since it will include JSE (Java Scripting Engine) which was specified in JSR-223 and it will enable you to write scripts (see all available script engine here) and have a bidirectional connection with your Java apps (have a look on this site or this site for simple example and this site is the official scripting project site). He showed a very nice demo which he could develop a web application within 3 minutes by using NetBeans IDE and also scripting. The application was not just a simple web application, but it was a demo of how scripting can be used to produce a great apps. In his demo, he generate a simple form to be used to fill in some address and it will try to pass this value to the Google Map database and the application does show the building we used to held this event. He only drag and drop from a built-in plugins inside NetBeans and voila... the application worked. Other demo was creating a nice-looking clock widget which looks like Macintosh's Widget. All he did was drag and drop. Simple huh?

Third session was presented by Thilo Frotscher and he was presenting about Java Web Services with Apache Axis2. I don't know much about Apache Axis2, so i couldn't give too much comment on this material. After the presentation, we had a lunch break and then there were 3 session running parallel and i choose to go to Singosari room where i will take the Architecture of Java Persistence Implementation, Achieving Enterprise Application Security, and Advanced Enterprise Debugging Technique session. Why i pick this session? Because the other session was discussing about Eclipse, a great framework, but unfortunately i don't use them at daily work. But i don't regret it, since the session i took was great and i got a new information for my project right now (Thanks to Neal Ford).

Fourth session was more in-depth version of the first session and the speaker still the same, Craig Russell. Next session was delayed about 5 minutes, since the speaker, Randel Powell hasn't arrived yet and he arrived and still carrying his luggage. That was quite funny. He talked about enterprise security as general and the conclusion about this session was that the users must be well educated because it's the human factor who caused the malware could infect the system or giving password to unauthorized people (because they put their password on their monitor or under their keyboard) and making a disaster for the company. He was quite famous, since after the event was finished, the MC and her friend asked him to take a picture for several time :)

The last session was presented by Neal Ford and it was a great one. He had a macintosh laptop with a nice look-and-feel. He showed us how to conduct more effective debugging and gave us some tips on how to do it correctly. He also showed us a great testing tool for web application and i will try it tomorrow. It's called Selenium. It's an open source application and by using it, you can record some action which will be repeated by the application, so you don't have to do simulate the test all over from the beginning each time you want to conduct a test.

Well, that's my short story about what has happened today in the JAX Asia 2006. I'm sure Kemas will also write something about this in his blog soon. I hope i will get the invitation for the next JAX Asia event next year.

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