Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Few Days Left

After being delayed for some time due to some Change Request from the customer and also a lot of improvements of the program itself, finally the OWG project will be finished. This project has been started few months before i joined my current company last year and i was assigned to be the developer of this project along with other fun colleagues. As time goes by, the project has been running for one year and three months. Quite a long time, since it's a complicated modules.

I learn a lot of things during the implementation of this project, mostly due to accessibility issue. Thanks to Dick Lunenborg from Bartimeus for his knowledge on accessibility issues. I would like to thank my colleagues that already worked hard together to make this project accomplished.

FYI, OWG project is a desktop-based educational application that was built to help visual and hearing impaired childrens to learn using computers as their tools. It consists of eleven modules which are categorized for learning alphabets, words, typing, basic arithmetic such as decimal numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a fun and friendly environment. It has a text-to-speech and also highlighting features to provide both visual and audio feedback to the students.

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