Friday, November 03, 2006

Working With New PHP 5.2

Just looking at Eris post on Planet Terasi, i then looked at the PHP 5.2 changelog and it does include HUGE updates. They even release a special note about upgrading to PHP 5.2.

Time to work with PHP 5.2 and i will test whether my site is already PHP 5.2 compatible (it's just a simple site, so i think it will have no side effect). Besides, it depends on the hosting service whether they want to upgrade to PHP 5.2 or not. Let's get back to reviewing our code to support changes in PHP 5.2.0.

Update (2:24 PM): It seems that PHP team has updated their Windows installers also (and also the size has increased a lot compared to their previous one). They changed into MSI format and they make life easier by giving an options to set what extenstion will be installed by default and also an option to install PEAR and PHP Manual as well. It's a worthed update and no wonder it takes PHP team three months to upgrade from 5.1.6 into 5.2.0.

Next step is to try to upgrade my Slackware into PHP 5.2.0. For several times, i failed to upgrade to PHP 5.2.0. Maybe because i used incorrect parameter when configuring PHP. I will try later on and hopefully it will be successfull today. Btw, here's the updated PHP installer screenshot:

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