Saturday, November 18, 2006

Strange Building

Today i went to one of our client's office with my colleague. We went there to setup their environment related to our project. We set a schedule to go there at 10 AM and we arrived a little late because my colleague had to extend his driving license first. Our client's office was located at 20th floor, so we had to take a lift to get there. The unique thing was that you cannot directly go to 20th floor, but you will go to 11th floor by using the first lift, and then you will have to go to the other lift to go to the 20th floor. Another uniqueness was the floor naming. When i got into the 11th floor, it was considered as 9th floor on the second lift. Strange huh? Oh yeah, they even got an open canteen on 9th floor, so you can have lunch over there when you are working there.

When i was in their office and i looked down, ever cars were like toys. They looked very very small and yes, it's still crowded like always in Jakarta. The setup was faster than we expected so we can got back earlier and have lunch (because we were really starving).