Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Anti Aliasing Feature on OOo 3.1

Armin Le Grand has posted a report of one feature that will be available on OOo 3.1, which is anti aliasing. This is one of the most voted features by many people who have signed up in the OOo website and voted in their issue tracker. It took merely five years to complete this feature, but finally it's there on the code. This feature will make your drawing looks better compared to previous OOo version.
Another feature that are already in place are:
  • Easier dragging with graphics
  • Improved file locking for use on networks
  • Zoom slide in Calc (previously only in Writer)
  • Easier to rename sheet in Calc by double-clicking
  • SQL Syntax highlighting in Base
  • Translucent selections in Writer
  • Chart axes and labels
  • Ability to reply a notes
  • Easier to resize fonts by adding new button on the main toolbar
  • Better grammar checking
  • Improved hyperlink management
  • Improved document revision by new context menu facilitating acceptance or rejection of recorded changes
  • Better control in multimedia slides
  • Sorting improvements
  • Improvements on macros
  • Internationalization
  • Lots of bugs cleaned up
Thanks to Andrew Z who writes this on OOoNinja and John who pointed new features in OOo 3.1 (still in draft).

There are still time for you to put a request to OOo team or votes for a features that should be included in the next major release of OOo 3.1.

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