Sunday, March 08, 2009

Updated Emoticons For Blogger

In the past, i collected a javascript code to put YM's emoticons on Blogger. I modified the script to suit my need and now, i'm updating it with the new emoticons since YM 9 was released (including the new hidden emoticons).

To use the script, you must have Greasemonkey installed on your Firefox or Semonkey and then make a new script based on this. Activate Greasemonkey and go to Blogger. Go to writing tab and choose the Compose tab and voila..... there's your YM emoticons thumbs up

The problem with this script is that it doesn't use the real size. Every emoticons gets a similar size, so you will have to edit the image size manually. If you can hack the script and and add the size based on the real size, i would be happy to modify it happy

Update (9 March 2009: 1:03 AM): I have updated the script so that it will count the correct width based on the real size on Yahoo's server. Go get the script on this page. It will be expired in 30 days hurry up!

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