Monday, March 02, 2009

Expensive Laptops

I just read a news in DetikInet and a little bit shocked. There will be 450 laptops given to the new prosecutors for their daily work. What makes me surprise is the budget for each laptop. It's agreed that they will use Dell Latitude D630c which is around USD 1399. If we used a rate USD 1 = IDR 13.300, it will be IDR 18.606.700, but in the article, it is said that it will cost IDR 20,3 million. In total, it will cost around IDR 10 billion surprise

The basic question: is it worthed and useful to spend those money just to buy laptops with those specifications? I believe you can get good laptop with less than IDR 10 million each peace sign

There's a potential for misuse of funds here dancing


  1. Hmmm... mungkin lisensi piranti lunaknya yang bikin mahal?

    Microsoft Windows original
    Microsoft Office original
    Adobe Photoshop original

  2. Welcome to Indonesia...

    ah, kayak ga tau ajah situ.. hihihi ^^