Saturday, March 21, 2009

Great Job Guys

In the last few days, i have been busy preparing for the seminar and today it finally paid off. All the hard work that we have done has been finished as the show has been held this morning and around 200 people came into this event. I myself was giving the last session and the presentation materials can be downloaded at my lecturer page. I would like to say my big thanks to the students who have helped during this preparation and Great Job Guys

Tomorrow we will have another show, which is called Sunday Sonten, hosted by Jogja IT and the place is set in UKDW. It will be started at around 7 PM and probably the main topic is about IPhone hacking by students outside UKDW.


  1. Selamat ziarah dari seberang...


  2. Where's the material presentation?

  3. OMG, It's written on the post :)

  4. Yap, already knew that. But I can't find the presentation material.

  5. Upsss...
    It was overwritten after i update my Google Analytics script :)

    Sorry about that. It's available now