Friday, March 06, 2009


Every MU fans are so happy to see MU's performance this season. So far, they have won two cups, European World Club and Carling Cup. They are aiming for five trophies, which is called quintuple. It's very hard to accomplished, as they will have to compete in three different league. But, when it's all accomplished, they will make a new record. MU's best record so far is still Treble, which have been done twice.

The biggest chance to win another trophy is in the Premier League. They have quite a big gap with other teams and still they have one match to play. The next one is FA cup, but there are still big teams competing on this league. The hardest one is Champion league, where there will be the best teams from different league around Europe. In the last match, MU got a draw with Inter Milan.

Let's hope for Quintuple, but don't hope too much. Be realistic big grin

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