Thursday, March 19, 2009

Please Welcome Tuz

In Linux kernel 2.6.29, you will see that tux, the famous penguin mascot for Linux kernel will be temporarily replaced by Tuz, a new mascot after Linus pulled the request from Rusty Russell during the development of Linux kernel 2.6.29. Why would Linus changed the logo anyway?

The background of this idea is about Tasmanian Devil, which is a species in danger of becoming extinct. The Tasmanian Devil is native to Australia and during this year's Linux.Conf.Au conference it was decided that Tuz will stand in for Tux for one kernel release in order to raise awareness for this creature. Some people were raising money to help the preservation for the tasmanian devil.

Don't worry, Tux will be back in the next Linux Kernel Release, 2.6.30, which is approximately 3 months after 2.6.29 is released.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome, ...... Tuz party

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