Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beta Removal

It has been few days since Google release their beta label on several products, such as GMail, GTalk, Google Docs, and many others. For me, as an individual users who used GMail everyday, this change doesn't have too much effect on my daily activities nor my decision on using Google's products as i have found them quite stable for years. I believe many users agreed with this opinion as well (well, they have glitches sometimes, but it's still considered minor and it's very rare to happened).

This might not be true for corporate who wanted to have a solid status of a product before they decided to used them. That's why Google release Beta label on Chrome just to make Chrome can be used on corporate instead of IE or Firefox or Opera.

For some people, Beta can be big different, as Beta is still considered on public testing and most software engineering text books do not recommends beta products to be used on a production situation.