Friday, July 10, 2009

Enabling Video Call

This is just a reminder for myself, but i hope you will get the benefit of this short (very short) tutorial on enabling video call.

It happened when i bought my new E71 few months ago. I have set it up correctly and i'm able to set up a video call with other people who have used 3G-enabled mobile phones. Unluckily, my girlfriend's phone are unable to receive 3G signal even though we uses the same provider and her phone is capable of using 3G networks (since she is using the same model that my father used and i have tested with my father's phone).

So here's the simple tutorial for enabling the video call on your phone.
  1. You must have 3G-enabled phones with front-camera
  2. Make sure you have GPRS (and optionally MMS) activated. In some providers, you must asked them to activate this features (mostly done via SMS OTA).
  3. Make sure you have selected UMTS or dual mode on the Network settings. On my E71, this can be done via Tools > Settings > Phone > Network > Network Mode. The path may differ for each phone models and vendors, but i think most phones do have this settings if it's capable of using 3G networks.
  4. Make sure there's a 3G label under your signal strength bar
  5. When calling your friend, use Video Call instead of Voice Call
  6. When the receiver accepted your call, you will have a video call big grin
On my experience, using video call is cheaper than voice call, so use it more frequently if you can. Besides, you can see receiver's face instead of hearing only his/her voice love struck

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