Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cool, but Nightmare for Administrators

The phpBB team has discussed and posted some news (actually i was a little outdated) about the upcoming phpBB 3.0.6. While it will contain bug fixes, it will also introduce some new features that be nightmare to some administrators, since they *may* have to revamped their forum to the original state before they upgrade to the latest version.

In general, next phpBB release will contain:
  • New (pluggable) CAPTCHA plugins
  • ATOM feeds
  • Cache/ACM plugins
  • PM Reply/Reply for All
  • Quick Reply love struck (i love it very much, as i don't have to deal with PM Quick Reply again)
  • Log search
  • Many bug fixes
You should read the news here and here (special discussion about CAPTCHA plugin)

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