Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This afternoon, i was really surprised when Professor Volker Müller (yes, he's a professor now) came into our campus. He left Indonesia at 2005 to Luxembourg after teaching at UKDW for about seven years (i was quite lucky to be taught by him and he was my supervisor for my final project). I learned lots of new things when i took his classes back when i was studying for my undergraduate degree.

He came to Jogja since last week, but he managed to drop by to UKDW today for about two hours. He brought his wife and his cute daughter which is going to be 2 years. We talked a lot about the condition in here and also in his place.

Many lecturers were also surprised to see him coming without prior notifications first. Too bad he will leave from Jogja tomorrow and head for another city to meet his family (his wife's actually, but it's his too now).

Have a nice vacation in Indonesia and have a safe trip thumbs up

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