Friday, July 03, 2009

Rsync Service

One of my students who have finished his final project presentation wanted to test the Slackware Current and he had trouble downloading all the massive updates to -Current since he hasn't following -Current for some time.

I asked him to grab the packages from my computer at my office, since i have a copy of Slackware-Current packages on my computer and i ran Samba to share it. He asked me to ran a rsync services in order to make sure that every packages are downloaded on his computer.

This is a new experience for me, as i have never set rsync services before, but after reading the manuals and finding some HOWTOs on the Internet, it's quite easy and it should be running less than 10 minutes.

I will post the simple tutorial shortly and i will publish it on my web, so stay tune. If you can't simply wait, just go to Google and type "setting up rsync daemon". You will get lots of good resources on how to do that thumbs up

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