Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New E71 Firmware

Nokia has released a firmware update for their E63 and E71 phones. The latest version currently is 300.21.012 which is available from NSU.

What has been changed in this version? ALOT
New Functionalities:
• Mail for Exchange 2.9
• Numonyx USB Flashing support
• Gimlet 5.2 (v
• Turkish SMS Support
• Support for Rapido Yawe 1.15
• Myspace, Youtube and Facebook support (NA for HK and Taiwan variants)
• User experience improvements
• Increased robustness of the Home Key functionality. This helps avoid the problem of Home key not opening the menu.

Changes and Improvements:
• Improved Switch application functionality
• Internet Radio 1.14 – Increased Functionality and Stability
• VoIP upgrade – Improved functionality and stability
• Download Client 3.2 – Greater stability and improved functionality
• Email Setup Wizard Update – Supports Gimlet 5.2
• Simplified MMS Notification handling support
• Support for conference numbers longer than 24 digits
• Improvements in Browser for seamless YouTube support
• Language menu can be accessed when Chinese Language is used
• Bug fixes for the Nokia PC Internet Access Application
• Improved BT headset connectivity
• Many functionality and Stability improvements in MfE.

• Stability and functionality improvements
• Increased robustness in handling SMS
• Updated Time zones
• Updated Operator names database
• Localisation improvements
• Updated Startup settings
• Security Updates and vulnerability fixes
• Phone not suspending packet data connection when receiving call – Fixed.
• Many bug fixes for MyNokia feature.
• Minor audio related bugs fixed
• Updated helps

• Minor stability improvements

Call Handling:
• Minor improvements in Call handling and quality

• Stability and Minor Functionality improvements

• WLAN functionality Improvements
• Fix to prevent Wifi Certification issues when Wifi alliance moves to Win 2008 as the test server
• Fix for the one way audio problem seen in Cisco VoIP client
• Memory leak fixes

• Minor UI Improvements
• Stability and functionality improvements for search functionality

• Mail for Exchange upgraded from 2.7.22 to 2.9.158
• Gimlet updated to v5
• Email setup wizard updated
• Support for Exchange Server 2007 in MfE
• Many functionality and stability improvements in MfE
• Robust Synchronisation of Calendar and email items.

Internet Radio:
• Improved functionality
• Increased application stability

• Increased A-GPS stability
• Better stability in location services.

• Usability improvements

QWERTY Keyboard:
• Usability improvements
• Keyboard mapping corrections

• Support for receiving more SMSs. Allows more than 4000 messages in inbox.

Switch Application:
• Application updates and many stability and functionality improvements

• Many Usability, stability and functionality improvements

Should you upgrade?
Read this discussion first and decide. For me, it's worth to update, but probably i will skip this version for now.

IMHO, the updates are not so critical and there has been many reports that it has worse battery life than in previous firmware. Also many users reports that many things are broken after the update.

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