Sunday, July 12, 2009

Migrating Speedy

On Saturday, i went to Plaza Telkom to migrate my Speedy into multi speed which is now available on Jogja. I browsed the website before i went there and finally i decided to take the Game package, which has 1 Mbps for downstream and 256 KB/s for upstream (even though i didn't use it to play Online Games).

At first, i really wanted to take the LOAD package, but there is a major limitation of this package. You will only get full speed (theoretically) when you have consumed less than 3 GB. After that, your maximum speed will be reduced to 128 KB/s until the end of the month. The counter will reset at the beginning of the month.

The migration took less than 24 hours, since at night i have been migrated to Game package.

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