Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On and Off

In the last two days, my Speedy connection is going On and Off frequently. When i browse normally, suddenly the link and data LED turned off and then after some time, it blinks and it's on again.

I had this experience before and it turned out that my modem which was broken. But i asked one of my students and he had the same symptoms. His case is much worse, because when the LED goes down, it won't reconnect again for a long time. I have asked him to shut the modem off for about 10 minutes and start it again, but the problem still persists (it solves my problem whenever the authentication fail message is displayed in the modem's status page).

Does anybody else experience this kind of problems with Speedy lately?


  1. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I had same problem two weeks ago. Same with you, my Speedy connection became unstable. At that time, sometime the connection hung up for some minutes. Since last week the connection has been recovered.

  2. so it does affect other people too

    may i know your location? (city)