Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fast Pace of Development

It seems that there's a bit of increased pace on the Kernel-Stable development. In just few days, new kernel has been released by Greg and on each release, there has been a numerous changes included.

The latest kernel for now and i believe in the next few days, a new release will come up just as the previous version. It's so fast and it makes me quite lazy to follow the latest stable kernel. I'm still using, the default kernel used by Slackware 13.0 during installation.

It's not surprising to see this pace, as Linux Kernel Project is considered one of the biggest project on earth where there are more than 1000 developers around the world contributing their ideas into the mainline kernel managed by Linus. Everyday, there are changes across the 55 MB with approximately 11million lines of codes. Applause