Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Moving Becomes Easier

When people started to find a new job, it's common thing to move from one place to another or sometime called relocation. It's a daunting task, as he/she might need to do lots of things before the event takes place on the day they moved to a new place. In most cases, they might not know about the new environment until they arrive in the new place. Even if they know, they still lots to work on, such as new phone line, water, Internet broadband connection, and so on.

I have seen a service which helps people to move their stuffs to their new environment, but in most cases, the only thing they care is about transporting items. They don't really care about the others. It's up to yesterday, until i stumbled into this site (http://www.moveme.com). This site will guide their clients from preparation until finally the showdown. They also provide consultation service about list of suppliers to help their client to get the best options which suited them. What's best from this site is that most services listed on their page are completely free of use. They are also vendor neutral, so they don't pick a single vendor for all of their clients. Give the best for the clients.

They also have a simple guide which can be used to ease your process of moving to new environments. They are Conveyancing Solicitor, House Conveyancing, and Property Conveyancing. Again, this service can be obtained by free in most cases.

No wonder they have won some awards, such as NMA's Best New Business 2007, Yahoo's People Choice Award 2007, and Yahoo's Innovative Find Of The Year 2007. It's a proof that they are doing their business seriously and people believed on their work.

In my opinion, the site only works at certain country, where most information can be obtained via Internet. I wish that someday, company like this will be available on Indonesia. I think many people will like this idea, especially for those who have just graduated and start looking for new job in other cities, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, or any major cities in Indonesia.