Sunday, October 18, 2009

Luxury Car

Cars is a common mean of transportation besides public transportation, such as trains and buses. Since it's arrival in 1672 by Ferdinand Verbiest, Car has evolved so much by design and also by usage. Nowadays, it's common to see people who have more than one car on their house. Even i have a friend who has eight cars on his garage not worthy

There are so many car types. You have city cars, sports cars, and luxury cars. Each category has it's own product and market share. For normal people, they might choose city cars, because they would use it for daily activities and they don't need cars who runs 160 KM/hours in downtown. For those who often travels to other city, they might want to take the sports car, because time is money for them and late is not an options.

The last category is about luxury cars. It combines speed, style, safety, and luxury in one single design. One of the example of luxury car is BMW. As we already know, BMW is one of the largest car manufacturer in the world and it's known of it's design. There has been so many BMW design that you can see on it's homepage.

As a luxury cars, BMW puts all their efforts into their products. No wonder their products are full of embedded technologies. If you are curious about their technology, then you can visit this page. It seems that they want to make the users as comfortable as possible by reducing manual interventions and switching to automated, integrated computer-based navigation system.

They have won so many awards due to their research. Some examples are The "Grüne Lenkrad" for environmentally friendly technologies, the "World Green Car of the Year" award for the BMW 118d, the "Auto 1 von Europa" from the magazine "Auto-Bild", the "Paul-Pietsch-Preis" from the magazine "auto, motor und sport" for especially innovative developments in the car industry, the "Goldene Öltropfen", the "Innovationspreis" from "AutoScout24", first place in "Top Auto", the "Autorevue Award" for innovation, the "Große Österreichische Automobilpreis" and the "Green Heroes". It's all listed here. BMW M3 also received an Automotive Excellence Awards 2008 (Performance). In short, all of their products are really based on research for users conformance. You can find more of BMW's award via Google.

I wish someday i am able to buy one of those cars big grin


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  2. Very good commentary on cars, especially the BMW, a high end luxury car. One thing that should be mentioned are economical cars, such as the Honda Civic which is probably the most popular economical car in the USA right now. BMW does not make economy cars such they focus on a highend clientele. But, I would consider BMW if I decided I wanted a luxury car.

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