Friday, October 09, 2009

Plurk Emoticon into Blogger

I have finally have a time to integrate Plurk's emoticon into my Blogger account using Greasemonkey extension. It's actually a modification to Yahoo Emoticon's script, but i added Plurk's emoticon.

You can get the scripts here. Don't forget to install Greasemonkey and add the script and you are ready to go thumbs up

KissAngryAnnoyedWaveB-)CozySickGoodluckGriltonguemmmHungryMusicTearstongueUnsureWaveBanana Lv 1SkyDohBroken HeartCheersGirl KissroflMoneyRockRockNot TalkingPartySleepingThinkingBring itWorshipApplause8-)GymHeartDevillmaoBanana Lv 2Rocking BananaBring itBreakdanceHeart lv 2NinjaRollingAnnoyed Lv 2Confused Lv 2Devil Lv 2TeaserBig EyesFunky DanceIdiotLonelyScenicHassleAnnoyed Level 2PanicYahooCrying

Update (20 December 2009): it's now updated with the latest Plurk emoticons. Go grab it again Big Boss


  1. Anonymous11:31 AM

    huh.. it doesn't work for me..
    i have installed greasemonkey on firefox, but i couldn't add this script to greasemonkey..

  2. add new script, and copy paste all of them on the external text editor displayed, save it and refresh BlogSpot

    It worked :)