Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hold'em Tips

Card game is one of the most popular game in the world. It has been played since long time ago and it still exists nowadays. Card game is always evolving and new games are added. Even on some location, they have a modified version of a card game with some slightly changed rules. I sometimes have to ask what are the rules, since it can be different on each location. Playing with different rules are actually fun, since it's more changeling and we must adapt our normal strategy with the new rules.

Nowadays, card is not only being used to have fun with others, but it has embraced into entertainment and for some people, it become a mean to get cash. Poker game is one of the example. It's a standard game in most casino around the world. It also has so many variants, such as Texas Hold'em, Royal Hold'em, Pineapple Hold'em, Omaha Hold'em, and Manila. All of this game are based on poker. They even have an official tournament of it called World Series of Poker and World Poker Tournament.

Playing poker-like game such as Texas Hold'em is very changeling, since it involves physiology as well as techniques. We must understand the situation and read our opponents body language, since sometimes newbie players expresses their emotions when they see their cards. It can be used to decide whether they get good or bad cards. There's a lot of techniques that needs to be learned before we can become a good player.

There's a lot of hold'em tips which can be found on the Internet. One of them is this site. This site gives free (yes, free) lessons to master the game. There are 10 lessons, with each of them containing video lessons, quizzes and other useful information about the game. You can also see some text articles which can be your source of information on master the game.

Good luck with the practice and the game Goodluck

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  1. It is interesting how into card games people can get. My husband and I used to live in Las Vegas and we had friends who were very into playing black jack or poker. Neither game ever appealed to me much, but it is always fun to watch movies where the characters are all watching each other facial expressions to try to ascertain if someone is bluffing or has a great hand. If it didn't involve the possibility of losing so much money I might be able to get into one of those games, but betting just doesn't appeal to me!