Sunday, April 24, 2011

ASUS-Switcheroo Project

For two years, i have spent my time to find a way to make my NVidia card works on my ASUS laptop since it's a hybrid (it has Intel and NVidia combination). Since i only have Linux on it, and Linux doesn't seem to be supported by Asus, so the only thing i can do with it is disabling NVidia so that it consumes less power than when both of them are working together.

Dave Airlie's switcheroo project doesn't help much, as it doesn't work on my hardware, but there's hope by the new project by A. William called Asus-switcheroo. Basically, he tried to hack Airlie's work but focusing on Asus laptop only. He made it for his ULV30, so what i need now is to try to hack it so that it will work for my ULV80vt Code OK

The script provided only for Fedora, Ubuntu, and ArchLinux. I need to hack it so that it will work on Slackware as well Goodluck