Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Special blogger contest

Are you a blogger and you like to win an iPad 2? The Dealy is creating a nice contest for Bloggers around the world called Special Blogger Contest and the grand prize is an iPad 2.

All you have to do is to write about this contest and spread it out to the world and let them know by sending an email to just like what i did on this post.

If you live in US, you can join another contest called badge contest by placing contest badge on your blog. Please visit the contest page for more detail. Unfortunately, i'm not in US, so i can't participate on the second contest.

What is the first price for badge contest? It's quite interesting:

  • Choose your 10 dream cities from Dealy´s cities
  • Enjoy free flights and hotels
  • Enjoy 3 free Dealy Deals per city
  • That's right, all free!
The second price is another iPad 2 and the third price is 10 people * $100 worth of deals in your city (also available in US only)