Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last Day Before Holiday

Today is my last day working before long holiday due to Easter this weekend. The students has taken their holidays starting yesterday, but for us, it would be tommorrow. So, what did i do today?

In the morning, i went to Nasmoco to have my car a scheduled maintenance process. It took me about 2.5h to finish. Luckily i brought my iPad since the hotspot was not functioning Nodance. I played Infinite Blade, which was said to be one of the must-have application for iPad. I think the graphics are great, but the storyline is kinda boring. That's why i decided to delete it from my iPad.

Next, i went to Church to buy text book for next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday ceremonial. After that, i went to my office and we had a meeting since 1 PM until 3.30 PM. That's my last meeting for this week as i'm going to have a long break until next Monday.

I'll use this time to finish my personal todos and also relaxing a bit before i will start working again next Monday.

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  1. Hey I really think your funny. Could you put more pictures and videos of your self on your blog? that'd be great.