Monday, April 18, 2011

Upgrading E71 Firmware

I always tried to stay up to date in most of my computer/cellphone applications. The same goes with my E71 firmware. It's been some time since i upgraded my firmware and it was last year since it's April now and Nokia doesn't release a new firmware as often as new Linux Kernel. My previous firmware version was 410.21.010 and now, the latest one is 500.21.009.

Before upgrading the firmware, i need to know the changelog for this firmware, so i browsed the Internet and found the answer. Not only i found the changelog, i also found several problems regarding this firmware. Many people reported that they are having some problems with their camera and GPRS connection after upgrading to the latest firmware. I never had that problem before, so i decided to take the risk by upgrading it.

First thing: BACKUP!!!. Never update your firmware without doing proper (full) backup on your data as in most cases, the process will wipe all of your data. My last backup was in February, so it's also a good timing to backup my data as well. I managed to backup all of my data in about 10 minutes and then i downloaded the latest Nokia PC Suite applicationa and also NSU (Nokia Software Updater) which will update the Nokia PC Suite with the latest firmware for my E71.

Next, the upgrade process. I turned off my E71 and removed my memory card and then turn it on again and start the update process by clicking the updater and plug my E71 to my computer using USB cable. It will detect my phone and start upgrading it. It took about 10-15 minutes until the process completed and while upgrading, it will restart your phone and your phone might look like a dead phone, only displaying a white screen and also other error messages saying that there are hardware problems and blablabla.... Don't worry. It's all part of upgrade process.

Once everything is done, you need to restart your phone and you will have to re-enter all the settings again. This is the worst part of upgrading if you don't have backup. You need to set it up from scratch. If you have backup, simply restore it from your backup and the only thing you have to do is to make sure everything works as intended. In my case, i only need to reinstall three applications after the upgrade process and everything else works like charm.

I don't have problems with camera and my GPRS connection works as before. So far, it's been a nice upgrade process Yahoo

If you are curious about what changes included in this release, check it below:

Following baselines/functionalities have been upgraded.

  • Maps 3.03 Lite which has Free Navigation support
  • Music Player upgrade
  • Quick Office v6.2 which has Office 2007 support
  • Ovi Store upgraded to and Download! Removed
  • Lotus Notes traveler v8.5.1 -> Localization support is present only for 10 languages.


  • Windows Live removed from the memory card
  • Ovi Suite included in Memory card
  • CS Helps baseline upgraded to fix localization issues
  • Start Up settings baseline upgraded
  • Ovi Store Link provided in “Set Up Internet Telephony”
  • Download! removed


  • Portuguese Localization issues fixed
  • Functionality improvements in E-mail configuration
  • Qwerty keypad improvements


  • Emergency call termination with RSK key corrected
  • Corrected Bluetooth link drop when an outgoing call is made in a carkit


  • Fix for Israel written instead of Jerusalem in World Clock
  • Corrected Argentina names issue in World Clock
  • Corrected localization issues in world clock


  • CMCC Java application download corrected
  • Fix provided for accessing a link that has appended space characters


  • Fix provided for selecting desired mailbox when multiple mailboxes are configured


  • Key mapping issues fixed


  • Nokia IM chat: Localization support provided for Malay and Indonesian languages