Wednesday, April 27, 2011

iPhone 4 White

Apple redesigned their home page, removed the iPad 2 announcement and now they changed it into 4 column with an interesting news on the third column. IPhone 4 white will be announced tomorrow at April 28. The same day as my birthday Yahoo

Many people have waited and started to talk about this since last year, but until today Apple finally decided to officially launched iPhone 4 white. I hope they already fixed so many problems in the original iPhone 4 with this new release, mostly the signal and bad camera quality.

I wish Apple sees this and give me a free iPhone 4 White praying

Update (9:54 PM): It seems Apple has redesigned it again and now they shows only one big ads about iPhone 4 White

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  1. hihihi, may apple read this post and also to gift free white iphone 4 for the first people commenting, yayayyyyy