Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easy Application Installation on iPad

When you have jailbreaked your iPad (like what i did with my iPad), you can install any application from outside Apple's AppStore, for example from Cydia. You can also install Installous application from Cydia which can be used to find other applications outside Cydia. From there, you can download the apps from Fileape hosting site.

The problem arise when you wanted to download big size application. One solution is to find the direct link of fileape and then download it using your PC or laptop and then transfer it to your iPad. If you have installed OpenSSH on your iPad from Cydia repository, you can use this command to transfer an application to your iPad's Installous directory, so that the next time you run Installous, you can skip the download process and continue with installation phase only:

scp filename.ipa root@<ipad-ip-addresss>:/private/var/mobile/Documents/Installous/Downloads/

Please note that this command works on Linux/Mac only. If you use Windows, please try to use WinSCP.

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