Friday, April 01, 2011

Passed The Test

Last month i was sent by my office to took a training in Jakarta about goverment procurement procedures. I have to say that i had no confidence about it since i'm not familiar with it and it got nothing to do with my basic skills. I wonder what makes me to be sent to this training Thinking

Anyway, i went to the training with two of my colleagues for three days and took the exam on the last day. Honestly, i didn't have any target at all at the day i finished the test, because in my opinion, the questions was so ambiguous. You can have a lot of perceptions about it, so i was kinda worried that i might failed.

One month passed and today, the results was announced. I was surprised to see my names was listed on the announcements, since only those who passed the exams are listed on it. One of my colleague pass the test also, but the other one failed to pass. We have 58 passed out of 79, which i think is quite good percentage compared to other places who held the similar test.

I was so relieved to hear that i passed the test. The certification lasted for four years, so i don't have to take those test again in the next four years Yahoo

PS: This is not an April Fool posting Evil Grin