Monday, April 25, 2011

New KDramas

Recently, i have been watching 49 Days and Paradise Ranch. Both are Korean Dramas. 49 Days is still airing, while Paradise Ranch has been completed.

IMHO, both are good dramas. Paradise Ranch was a bit boring at the beginning, but lately, it turned good in the middle and it's getting better on each episodes onwards. Luckily i endured myself to watch it until now (I'm at ep 12 currently, but i can finish it in the next two days i guess).

In the other hand, 49 Days is interesting since ep 1. I have predicted that it will be a good one since i read the synopsis and i was correct. It turns out to be a good drama. I wanted to wait until the drama finished airing, but i can't hold it anymore, so i completed all 12 eps in just 2-3 days and then i have to wait for the next week to have the final 2 episodes (2 episodes will come out this Wednesday and Thursday).