Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ubuntu Software Center to Sell Books and Magazine

According to Canonical release announcement, Ubuntu Software Center will expand their collection to Books and Magazine besides Software (both free and paid applications). They will be partnering up with partners Pearson Technology Group and Linux New Media.

What i'm looking here is that they are going to make it profit-oriented application just like iTunes. The difference is that Apple already started this since the beginning, and Ubuntu has just started this since the last few years.

What kind of book they will be selling? The announcement said that they are going to sell “The Official Ubuntu Book”, 6/e by Benjamin Hill, Matthew Helmke, Amber Graner and Corey Burger; “Ubuntu Unleashed: 2011 Edition” by Matthew Helmke, Andrew Hudson and Paul Hudson; “The Official Ubuntu Server Book”, 2/e by Kyle Rankin and Benjamin Hill; and “A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux”, 3/e by Mark Sobell. Linux New Media magazine titles, including Ubuntu User, Linux Magazine, Smart Developer and ADMIN, will be available from $6.99 USD.


  1. Have you tried the 11.10? It's is awesome!

    I've put my info in Ubuntu SSO. I tested the Ubuntu Software Center and it worked just like iTunes.

  2. yeah, i had to admit, it's much better than 11.04 release, but still it's quite confusing since i don't see lots of the apps in The Dash

    Terminal is still my favorite app :D