Monday, November 12, 2007

Electricity Problem Again!!! wits end I got an electricity problem again during my class. It has caused my class to be canceled and i have to make a replacement class for Wednesday and Thursday. Why two days? Since some students can't attend if i only make one replacement. The most convenient day for replacement should be in Saturday, but i couldn't do that, since i have to attend my master degree also. Arggh.... Rainy season caused a lot of problems crying

For those who take my class, please have a look on my lecturer site...


  1. Iya tuh kemarin listriknya byar pet, di Jl Kaliurang malah mati total gara2 baliho di Yamaha jatuh. Trus tadi sore ke Petra FM juga sana mati listrik gak bisa siaran, duh, kok gak beli genset yaks.

  2. ini barusan mati lagi
    capek dech.....