Saturday, November 03, 2007


Thanks to Widya and Vina, i can enjoy Stroopwaffles again. It's been some time since i enjoyed Stroopwaffles. It's one of the popular cookies in Holland. Since my ex-company had a headquarter in Netherland, we often enjoy this cookies when somebody came to Indonesia. Widya has just came back from Holland and she was willing to share her Strropwaffles to me and send it to me via Vina, a new person on QnAp Asia which visit Jogja today and directly came back to her hometown for her holiday i guess. She brough the cookies to me big grin

Rudi, one of my ex-colleague in QnAp Asia said that StarBucks sell this kind of cookie on Jakarta, but i am not sure whether StarBucks in Jogja would sell it too. I

I gave some of this cookies to my parents and also my girlfriend's family and they enjoyed it. Looks like i had to order again via my friend who still in Holland and they will came back to Indonesia in the next few days.

What are Stroopwaffles?
2 thin, hard rounds of waffle-indented biscuit, wedged together with a kind of syrup. They are chewy when you bite them and taste of cinnamon and mixed spice and aren't too sweet. All stroopwaffels are made with 100% roomboter (cream butter)