Monday, November 19, 2007

Planet For Linuxers

At ILC 2007, i had a chance to talk with Vavai about a plan to make a new planet which will aggregate all news from Linux communities, like Slackware-ID, Ubuntu-ID, Fedora-ID, OpenSUSE-ID (and probably LUG's website), so people could read them easily using RSS Reader application without having to visit them all every time they want to read a news about Linux development in Indonesia. We (me and Vavai) are planning to put this application using a new sub domain, I already asked Ronny Haryanto as the maintainer and i'm waiting for his answer (i know he's busy, so i don't mind waiting).

Another idea was about distributing a new LiveCD that contains a phpBB application that is already equipped with all post from Indonesian Linux Forum. We hope that this CD can be distributed for those who can't access the Linux Forum daily. We are planning to release this version once a year, just like IlmuKomputer. For this, i'm coordinating with Budi from Baliwae. He has just finished making targeT Linux, so making a new variants won't be a big deal for him. I will try to supply the data from Linux Forum with some help by Ronny (again), and hopefully, we can make it happen (even though i can't promise you the exact date).

Any suggestions about this ideas will be accepted...


  1. Will,

    Forgot to noticed another one, OpenSUSE-ID, hihihi...

    I hope we can make it happen just in a few days...