Sunday, November 25, 2007

GMail Offer Old Version

Not everybody likes to change and GMail realize that fact. That's why they offer the old GMail interface to their users via a link on top of your screen (near the sign out). I personally likes the old one, since i tend to have my Firefox hang up while loading the inbox or when i wanted to delete the spam messages. So i switched back to the old one. It's also faster when you want to permanently delete the previously deleted messages. Here's the screenshot on my account:


  1. I am on the verge of despair here

    I simply cannot get the option of the older version, though three weeks ago, when I last had problems, I was able to do so. Have they taken tis option away in the last couple of days, or do I have some other setting wrong?
    I have tried using different languages and even changing my version of Internet Explorer... still usless. If anyone can help, please do so... Thanks.

  2. hm... i don't think it has to do with IE's version. I used Firefox on my system.

    Also, i don't think they take this options, since i always have it on my account

  3. thanks for your comment, but I simpy do not get this option at all anymore

    which url do you sign on at?