Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wrong Keywords

One of my students were asking about a testing software for disabled people. She wanted to make an application that can be used for disabled people, mostly for visual impaired people and it was the same project i did with OWG, back in 2005-2006 when i was in QnAp Asia. I thought i saved the program on my hard disk, but i was wrong. I didn't save it when i went back to my home town. I searched via Google, but i still couldn't find it.

So i asked my friend in Netherlands who was my client, Dick Lunnenborg. I haven't got any reply from him, so few hours ago, i started my MSN account and lucky me. Albertine was online (even though it's stated busy on her account). I asked her and after thinking for some time, she pointed an URL and yes, that's the correct application i need. It appears that i used the wrong keywords when i wanted to search the application. Previously, i used keywords like "visual impaired software testing" or "visual impaired simulator", and i got nothing (it's not pure no results, just not the correct application i need). Later on, after i browse the site, it's said "Visual impairment simulator", so i tested this keyword in Google, and voila..... it appears in the first rank big grin

A single mistake when choosing keywords can take you in different results....

By the way, the software is called VIS (Visual Impairment Simulator) and can be downloaded from here.