Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Removing Trojan Using Ubuntu

My cousin's computer was infected a trojan (i guess) and it was acting very strange. He tried to remove it manually, but the file couldn't be deleted. Then he asked for my help and my first action was looking at the suspicious files on the task manager. I saw several files with strange names, so i tried to stop their process, but it keeps coming out again. So i guess, i had to do the hard way, using a Windows CD to boot and remove it using Recovery Console.

Unfortunately, it didn't work so smooth. I couldn't access Program Files directory where the files were located, so finally, i boot using Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10) and mount the NTFS filesystem using ntfs options and delete the files manually. It worked flawlessly. Ubuntu (or let's just say Linux) once again is very useful, not only as an operating system, but also for rescue system big grin

Any other experience using Linux?


  1. Any other experience using Linux?

    Making a backup? From normal copy-and-paste to dd :p

  2. bukannya koe byk pengalaman dengan linux terutama slackie :P

  3. iya, tapi aku gak ada SLAX, jadi ya udah pake Ubuntu aja

  4. I love ubuntu, ive recently installed it and its handy for editing your partitions because is supports a wider range of file systems compared to say the windows one.

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