Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Forum Linux Beta

me and Budi from Baliwae (we both represents Slackware-ID community) is proud to announce an availability of a new Indonesian Linux distribution (based on Slackware) that (hopefully) can be used by peoples who wanted to have an offline version of Indonesian Linux Forum. This idea comes from Forum members about two years ago (23 January 2005). At that time, i tried to provide the database dump for people, but it's quite useless, because people still has to install phpBB and modify the application first. It's not suitable for everyone.

So at the last ILC 2007 Conference, Budi was offering a help for a new Linux distribution that can be used for that purpose. He has finished making targeT Linux, so it will be quite easy for him to modify it again for this new distro.

After working for about two days, he finally managed to create a new Linux distribution that we called Forum Linux. It's still in beta version and we hope that we can release this distribution at the end of this year (so it's like a new year gift from both of us big grin). We are planning to update this distribution every six months (like any other popular Linux distribution), so that your version will not be very out-dated.

Like targeT Linux, this new Linux distribution will be able to be executed via LiveCD or via USB, so you have more choices.

There's no ISO available for now (since Budi is trying to make the final version smaller by removing unneeded application so it's very prone to changes. So far, he managed to make it 230 MB, but it will decrease again soon). BUT, you can see the screenshots on

We wanted your feedbacks on this idea. Please send your inputs, critics, comments on this distro via mail to

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