Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Planet For Linux Community

At the last ILC, i have been discussing about a need to have a central site which will aggregate all of Linux community in Indonesia. At that time, i talked to Vavai and Budi. Vavai was willing to provide the space for hosting, so my job was to lobby Ronny Haryanto to add a new sub domain under linux.or.id for the new planet and point the NS to Vavai's NS. We agreed that the sub domain will be http://planet.linux.or.id.

Few days later, i got a reply from Ronny and he agreed with the idea, so the process was very smooth. In just a few days, the Planet has been up and now it's already officially launched. It's made by Vavai and so far, we have managed to aggregate Slackware-ID, Ubuntu-ID, and some LUG (there are others, like Fedora-ID, OpenSUSE-ID, but they haven't been aggregated yet. Perhaps they haven't submit any posts).

We really appreciate your comments on this new idea, so please share your thoughts to me and Vavai via our email address.

If you want your organization to be included in the aggregation, please email Vavai for this, as i don't have any account on the server. For now, we will only aggregate LUG and Linux communities. We don't plan on aggregating an individual, since sometimes the topics is out of context.

Congratulations for the Planet and enjoy them...

* Credit goes to Vavai and Ronny to make this idea comes true

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  1. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Aku dulu pernah juga punya ide ini..
    Tapi agak sedikit berbeda. Ah.. kutulis di blog ku aja deh..