Sunday, November 18, 2007

ILC 2007: Great Success

I have just came back from ILC 2007 KPLI Meeting that was held in UII where more than 100 peoples were attending this annual event. I had to skip two of my class today to attend this event, but no big deal about it. I met Vavai, Budi, Martinus, Rifqi, Ahmad from Makassar-Slacker, and many other people here. Most of them represents their LUG (Linux User Group) and also some distro-based community, like Ubuntu-ID, Slackware-ID, Fedora-ID, OpenSUSE-ID, etc.

I came to the place at about 10:30 AM, since the place was quite far from UGM, so it took me some time, but i managed to get there safely. At first, i was quite confused with the location, as i never came to UII before. I contacted Fathir to help me out and i managed to find the location of the event.

Since the auditorium was equipped with hotspots, many attendance post their reports online in Kronologger and perhaps on their blog (so far, i don't see their post on Planet Terasi yet).

For you who couldn't come to the event, you may see the photos, materials and the discussion results that will be published on the ILC's website soon. I hope they published the videos also (and probably distribute it to each KPLI and community).

I think it's a great success and we'll see you next year in BALI!!! big grin (YES, BALI!!!)


  1. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Yes it does really successfull, and finally i met you at there :)

  2. Oh noo... Bali?
    So far.. dammit...
    But I hope I can participate.. :-)

  3. Waduh mas... Saya udah ubah nama di account saya jd "Fathoni" koq masih "tut ankh pathon" sih... :-(

  4. wehh.. bukan salah saya looo
    itu dari Bloggernya hehee