Monday, December 24, 2007

Good and Bad Business

Every year, people celebrates something, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, New Year, etc. When the time comes, people are taking opportunities to get lots of money, either by running good business or sometimes a bad one. One good example of the good business is making the Santa's hat or Christmas goods. Since it's almost Christmas (tomorrow), many Christian will surely buy those things. It happened in most events, like Chinese New Year, Thanks Giving, Halloween, etc.

Well, besides good business, some people do bad business also. One of them is a lazy parking man. Today i went to the Kota Baru Church to celebrate Christmas night with my girlfriend and we went there using a car. Because we were quite late (we planned to go one hour before it, but we arrived there 40 minutes before, which is considered late, since it was already crowded). When i stepped out of the car, there was some men acting like a parking man and asked for money. He asked for Rp. 5000 and i rejected, since it's way too high. Normal rate is Rp. 1000-2000 in Jogja. So i finally gave him Rp. 3000 because it's not my car and i don't want something happened while i was in the church.

When the celebration was over, we went back to the car and nothing happened and that's a good sign, but when we wanted to get out, there were nobody out there helping out. Those guys were busy asking money from people for the second session. This is an example of bad business. They are not responsible for anything after they got the money. It's very crowded and they don't give a **** care about that. All they care is the money angry