Friday, December 14, 2007

More Assignments

From today's meeting, i got a new assignment for next semester, which will be Internet Application Engineering (i don't know if it's the correct translations from "Rekayasa Aplikasi Internet"). The focus for this subject is to introduce Internet application as much as possible to the students in order to prepare them for the next subject, Web Engineering, where students are taught how to develop a good web application, starting from requirements, planning, designing, until implementation.

Sometimes, people need some introduction when they meet new things, and this is the perfect subject for that. I should start making the syllabus for the subject and if it's working as planned, it will be an interesting class, since we will have a lot of discussion about lots of web applications (including blogs). Nowadays, web-based application are gaining reputation compared to desktop application, so i guess it's a good idea to introduce the current trend to students as early as possible big grin

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