Monday, December 17, 2007

Task Completed

Today i have submitted all of my results to the administration division on my campus, meaning that my task for this semester (and this year) is already completed. It's time to start thinking about next semester which i will teach more subjects than this semester.

Next semester i will teach 3 different subjects (this semester i also taught three different subject, but two of them were similar, but only in different faculty). Those three subject are distributed system, web engineering, and internet application engineering. Too bad i couldn't join the networking class that uses Linux because my schedule has some conflict with my other class. I really wanted to co-teaching with Hendra Sentono (ex sysadmin on my campus). Well, probably next time big grin

Since i had spare time, i will start working on the material for the two remaining subjects. The other lecturer is busy with moving their stuffs to the new building. I was placed in a room without any window crying I will try to move to other room which is still empty (i have looked at the room map today and i will ask if i could use that room thinking)

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