Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bad Delivery Service

Two days ago i ordered a cake at Holland Bakery. The cake was promised to be delivered at 3 PM today to my girlfriend's house and i agreed with that. I wrote the recipient and sender information correctly and i have strongly said that to the person who received my order so that it won't delivered to the wrong person.

Guess what? The cake was delivered to my house doh My address was clearly written in the sender field, and not in the recipient field (the receipt was in Indonesian). My sister who noticed this package call them on the phone and they said that they would someone to took the package and send it to the correct recipient. After more than 50 minutes without any progress, i recalled them and they said they were just leaving 15 minutes ago because they couldn't find any free drivers. OK, no problem for me. So i waited again... waiting Another 45 minutes passed without any confirmation. So i decided to deliver that package myself

I know that the route from Holland Bakery to my house is not that far and it could be reached under 10 minutes and today is not as crowded as yesterday, so it should be possible. I don't know what took them so long. They arrived at my house 5 minutes before i came back delivering the cake to my girlfriend's house.