Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Room

Today is the day where i should get my new room for next year. I already received the key from the dean, Mr. Henry Feriadi. It's still empty, since i still don't have any desk nor computer to use, but i hope they will finish the migration session next Saturday and hopefully i can use any free desk and computer (i don't expect a nice shinny computer, but it's a good idea if somebody can give that to me big grin). I will share the room with Mr. Harald Walcher, a foreign lecturer in UKDW.

I'm planning to wipe the hard disk and install Slackware Linux on the computer, so no more Windows on my computer. I'm tired of having problem with viruses and since the computer does not have the bleeding-edge specs, it would be quite heavy if i force to use Windows. Slackware Linux has been my favorite Linux distribution since 2005. There's a lot of cool things that Linux could do and Windows couldn't.

Well, most of them will have to wait until next year......

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