Sunday, December 23, 2007

Out of Space

Today, i was checking my laptop and i found out that my Windows primary partition (C) is almost out of space with 1,6 GB remaining. I don't realize this, since in the last few weeks, i rarely boot my laptop and always use my desktop. Even if i boot to my laptop, most of the time, i boot to my Slackware, not my Windows operating system.

Back to main topic here. I was quite surprised when i had that low space problem, since i never added new things on my laptop if it's not very important (i don't like bloated system). The only things i add most of the time were Windows updates. And probably that's the problem. I searched my system and looking for the directory that holds a lot of spaces and finally i found one of them, which is C:\Windows\Installer. On my system it's only 1,25 GB, but on other forums, some of them were having 8-12 GB of space wasted on that directory. What are the files stored there actually? I tried to find some answers on Google, and most of them didn't have a good answer about this. It's said that those files were the installer information that can be used when you want to reinstall the application and it can be deleted, but they don't talk about the potential risk if those files are deleted.

I really really want to delete those files since it doesn't help at all. It's just wasting space. Maybe this space requirements should be added to Windows requirement page big grin

In case you are using Windows, have you check yours? How much does it consume your space? You might be surprised, mostly if you often install/remove applications on your system

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  1. Punyaku juga tinggal 3.4 GB, hiks.
    Di windows/installer ada 208 MB