Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lost Integration

Usually, when i sign in to my GMail account, then i launched blogger's URL, it went directly to my dashboard, where i can choose which blog i should write, but lately the integration between those two services were lost (or broken). I don't know why. Perhaps it only happened on my browser. Well, it's just blogger, as i can logged in directly to other Google's service, such as Google Docs, GoogleGroups, and many other services.


  1. Hooo berarti masalah tidak terjadi di saya sajah. Kemaren saya jugak pas login gmail kok gak sekaligus login directly waktu buka blogger ..

    btw pak .. pak .. jangan kebanyakan nge-BLOG .. ntar gak sembuh2 ... hwehwehwe ..

  2. Gak ngefeklah antara blogging ama sembuh :)