Monday, December 24, 2007

Indonesian Version of HP 7

Next month (and also next year), Indonesian version of Harry Potter 7 will arrive around 12 January. In my opinion, it was a quick release, since usually Indonesian version will come out one year after the English version comes out. At least this is what happened in the previous six edition.

Today i went to Gramedia book store and there was a promotion about it. I can get 10% off if i did a pre-order and i did that. I paid Rp. 50.000 and i should pay the rest when i receive the book next month. I choose the soft cover, since i had the soft cover version with the previous version. The soft cover price were Rp. 150.000 and the hard cover were Rp. 195.000. I was customer number 649 meaning that there were more than 600 people have pre-ordered the book before me (some of them were ordering more than one book).

If you haven't done so, then you will have to wait for Wednesday, since i guess Gramedia will not be open tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    if i'm not mistaken, the 6th (translation) book released not long after its english.
    because i bought the translation online 8 ±months after the english.

  2. Hm... i believe the last book is faster than 8 months. It was released worldwide around July if i'm not mistaken