Saturday, August 09, 2008

ACM Operating Systems Review

ACM has published another topic in their Digital Library. This time, the special topic is about Issue on Research and developments in the Linux Kernel. It is available, for free, from the ACM Archives

Included are 12 papers about the advances that have been merged or are
candidates to be merged into the Linux kernel, as well as new idea
papers discussing promising experimental work.

* Minding the gap: R&D in the Linux kernel
by Muli Ben-Yehuda, Eric Van Hensbergen, Marc Fiuczynski
* Introducing technology into the Linux kernel: a case study
by Paul E. McKenney, Jonathan Walpole
* Extending futex for kernel to user notification
by Helge Bahmann, Konrad Froitzheim
* Plan 9 authentication in Linux
by Ashwin Ganti
* Towards achieving fairness in the Linux scheduler
by Chee Siang Wong, Ian Tan, Rosalind Deena Kumari, Fun Wey
* I/O resource management through system call scheduling
by Silviu S. Craciunas, Christoph M. Kirsch, Harald Röck
* PipesFS: fast Linux I/O in the unix tradition
by Willem de Bruijn, Herbert Bos
* CUBIC: a new TCP-friendly high-speed TCP variant
by Sangtae Ha, Injong Rhee, Lisong Xu
* On the design of a new Linux readahead framework
by WU Fengguang, XI Hongsheng, XU Chenfeng
* Practical techniques for purging deleted data using liveness information
by David Boutcher, Abhishek Chandra
* virtio: towards a de-facto standard for virtual I/O devices
by Rusty Russell
* Virtual servers and checkpoint/restart in mainstream Linux
by Sukadev Bhattiprolu, Eric W. Biederman, Serge Hallyn, Daniel Lezcano

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